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Bhutan tour and travel plans built with our customers in mind by our experts guides with at least 15 years of experience. Browse the full collection of our plan that has been carefully crafted by our Bhutan tour and travel experts.

7 Day Magical Bhutan with Bum-Dra Trek

Enjoy a cultural tour and a popular short trek that offers breathtaking views and a view of Taktsang Monastery from the top and enjoy Bhutan's sunrise while you camp in the wilderness.

From USD 1,550

11 Day Jomolhari Trek

Festival Date: 14th Oct 2022 - 15th Oct 2022

The most popular trek in Bhutan offers a wide range of landscape, fauna and flora, and the spectacular view of Mount Jomolhari.

From USD 2,550

9 Day DrukPath Trek

DrukPath Trek, a beautiful 6 day trek that starts at Ta Dzong, Paro and ends at the road above the Takin Sanctuary, Thimphu.

From USD 2,050

10 Day Bhutan Walking Day Tour

Festival Date: 12th Sep 2021

10 Day Bhutan Walking Day Tour with Druk Asia

From USD 1,839

Nature & Trekking

The raw and natural beauty of the earth characterizes much of Bhutan’s environment that has made it captivating and stunning.

Price To Be Announced

12 Day Soi Yaksa Trek

Soi Yaksa Trek is yet another beautiful and adrenaline pumping trek in Bhutan, filled with beautiful scenery with some climbs.

From USD 2,249

18 Day Merak Sakteng Trek

18 Days Merak Sakteng Bhutan Trek Itinerary covers Bhutan East to West. It also includes a trek into the most untouched part of Bhutan.

From USD 3,939

Trekking Season

The power and beauty of the mountains is more impressive on foot than from any vehicle.

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Price To Be Announced

9 Day Dagala Thousand Trek

From Geynikha, where you will make a climb, all the way to the beautiful Takakha Gomp in 5 Day.

New Tour
From USD 1,649

21 Day Laya Gasa Trek

A 21 days travel plan through the mesmerizing northern part of Bhutan via the Laya Gasa Trek. This is the best if you're a walker; explore the finest things in Bhutan.

New Tour
From USD 3,729

7 Day Jomolhari Trek

Jomolhari Trek is the most popular trek in Bhutan with beauty unlike any others.

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From USD 1,549

28 Days 27 Nights Snow Man Trek

As one of the world’s most difficult mountain excursions, the Snowman Trek offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, see the majestic Himalayas, and push your body to its limits.

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From USD 6,790

10 Days 9 Nights Royal Manas Trek

Bhutan is famous throughout the world for the beauty and bounty of its natural environment. Thanks to its unique history, isolated location, and conservation efforts, the country sports some of the most pristine, undisturbed wildlife areas on the planet. From bird watchers to sport fishers to tiger and leopard enthusiasts, animal lovers from across the globe flock here to encounter the country’s rare and stunning animals, as well as its abundant plant life.

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From USD 1,840

9 Days salt trek route

The Term “salt trek route” is derived from the purpose it served prior to the construction of the national highway from Trashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar. The people of the Eastern Dzongkhags used to make voyages via this route to take salt and silk from the border town of Samdrup Jongkhar.

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From USD 2,040

Sinchula Trek

This short, low-altitude trek route follows the traditional trail used by people moving between Thimphu and Punakha when there were no motor roads. In ancient times, this route was used by both monks and local Kabjisa villagers alike. Hikers may pass by a camp near Chorten Ningpo, which is linked with The Divine Madman Lam Drukpa Kenley.

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Price To Be Announced

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